Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kyle turns 5 ... kinda

So Kyle turned 5 years old and had a fun little birthday party at his pre-school. I had a great time attending - one fun little ceremony was where Kyle wears the "King outfit" and all the kids form a circle while he has to run around the world 5 times. My wife Wendy is out of town on another company trip (no, not an african safari or seeing the polar bears this time) visiting the southernmost city in the world - any idea what that might be?

I asked Kyle that night how he felt about being 5 years old ... and he replied that he was still 4, and would not be turning 5 until his Mommy got home for the Rope World party a week+ from now. Same story the next day - OK Kyle, you are still 4! ;-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boys learning to Snow Ski

I've enjoyed snow skiing (and water skiing) for years, and it is a great family activity. So I was excited when my kids started to learn to ski at Eldora, Colorado. They are having a great time ... and after a couple of lessons, they informed me that they had "defeated all of the Greens" and were ready for some blue runs. Kyle still needs to learn how to turn (he likes to go straight down), but most importantly, they are having fun with it. More pictures/stories at the link above. Coming up next - the 1,000 gallon martini glass! ;-)