Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hulkin' 4th of July Neighborhood Parade

Our neighborhood has a lot of families/kids, so we tend to do some "old-fashioned" stuff such as Easter Egg Hunts, campouts in the common space, and a July 4th parade. One participant the last couple of years has been the Big Green Guy who adds some levity by not only participating in the neighbood parade but he can also end up in the pool. Needless to say, Hulk hopes to make an appearence this year.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Practical Father's Day Gifts

My wife Wendy is the master of practical Father's Day gifts, and she scored again this year. Since I am Mr. BBQ Grill Man she decided I need yet another accessory ... so I got a Grill Stone to help clean my bbq grill. I also got a new set of windshield wipers for my car, which I really did I need. So all practical stuff (heck, I got Wendy a vacuum clean for Mother's Day!) that I like, although I was a bit disappointed I didn't get any Hulk stuff of something wild like my bro's CZ7 Zodiac Boat ;-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Killing Weeds

When you have a lawn with growing grass, you also end up with weeds. My father-in-law Larry was in town and said he had a great weed puller to take care of 'em. But then I brought out my Big Green Buddy and demonstrated how the Hulk's SMASHING foot is a stronger weed killer! ;-) Even Tony the Tiger got involved with his weed whacker.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Republic of Boulder goes to the Birds

While the "Republic of Boulder" is a wonderful place, we can be a bit "full" of ourselves at times ... and this letter I wrote to the local paper pretty much sums it up.

I got a good chuckle out of reading about the 39 chickens, dressed in red vests and capes, set loose in Fairview High School for the Senior Prank. Vanessa Miller reports that the Humane Society is planning a full investigation with the possibility of 39 misdemeanor counts, each punishable by a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail for letting these birds roam free in the school. And the Principal is quoted saying: "The vast majority of students were concerned about the chickens and their welfare" although I have to wonder just how scientific that survey was.

Fortuitously, on the front page of the Business section, Alicia Wallace has an article headlined "Wild Oats opens the cage; Grocery to sell eggs only from cage-free chickens" in all of their 75 stores. While they express some concern about availability, the Humane Society assures them there will be a ready supply.

But just in case there is a shortage of cage-free eggs, I'm sure that the Republic of Boulder is ready to turn Fairview High School into a giant free-range chicken farm. And perhaps instead of being fined and serving jail time, the Senior Prankers will be hailed as community hero's for contributing to the higher education of chickens ... since perhaps we don't have enough bird brains around town!