Monday, June 05, 2006

Hulk'in Limeade Stand for Celiac Charity w/live webcams

I blogged last year about the Hulk'in Lemonade Stand ... ooops LIMEADE stand - don't want to make the Big Green Guy angry! ;-)

It was a ton of fun for me and my kids, so I have decided to take it up a notch this year and broadcast it live on the Internet via three webcams. I've also enabled X10 powerline controls so surfers can turn stuff on & off. It's online now (with a "lemonade stand" in my basement) so people can check it out - turning the groovy lava lamp on & off seems to be the favorite. So go check it out and leave a comment on the lemonade blog.

We plan to start late in the morning on Saturday, June 10th after "Touch-a-Truck" which is a fun activity at the Louisville Rec Center where you get to (duhhhh!) see/touch/hear a lot of big trucks - total guy stuff. And we will NOT be serving Puny Human Powder Limeade - as can be seen in the picture below, we'll be juicing/smashing real limes and adding just sugar, water, and ice ... and maybe a shot of Tequila for the big kids! ;-)

And I thought it might be fun/worthwhile to see if we can raise some money for celiac disease which is something my kids have. So we'll not only donate all profits from the Limeade Stand (we made $9 last year), but since people will be able to view it online, I'm hoping there might be some donations via that route.

So swing by this Saturday afternoon and enjoy some fresh squeezed Limeade. And if you can't make it in person, check out the action on the three live webcams and consider making a donation to charity.

2005 Hulkin' Lemonade Stand

Webcam1 in Basement that's LIVE NOW!


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