Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hazel Miller ... and the HULK!

So I wrote back in August/2004 about how a neighbor hired the locally famous (and rock'in) Hazel Miller Band. Turns out they did it again the following year ... and since I live across the street, I offered my driveway for her to park.

So this year, the neighbor next door to them hired her and asked if I could let her park in my driveway. What great neighbors, 'eh ... and then even put up with my shenanigans at halloween and christmas. So heck 'ya, I'm happy to help out anyone that invites me to a party with Hazel Miller plus the catering was yummy. So I had the HULK save a VIP spot for Hazel and her band.
hazel miller

Eeverybody likes my BBQ Ribs!

So I've had my recipe for BBQ Ribs out there for a few years. It's a big hit, especially with my son Dirk who loves to eat my "world famous ribs" and says they are his favorite of all of my grilling recipes. So Philipp sent me the "slightly modified" picture below showing that everyone likes these!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ultimate Frisbee Karma

Karma is one of those generic concepts that if you are "good/nice" to people, things, and the world, good things will happen to you. The reverse if you aren't. My wife was talking about the concept of what goes around, comes around ... so I mentioned an incident that happened the previous weekend while playing ultimate frisbee.

I've played ultimate frisbee for a while. It's a bit like soccer/football for those not familier with it - you attempt to advance the frisbee past a goal line by passing to a teammate. You can not move while you have the disc and (idealy) it's a no-contact sport. Sportsmanship is emphasized since there are no referees and "good spirit" is appreciated.

So while playing frisbee Sunday, I caught a pass very, very close to the sideline. It was clear where my foot was, so just a matter of looking at the sideline cones. Unfortunately, they were not that straight, so it would be just as easy to say I was in as it would be to call myself out. Several other people (on both teams) had a good view, but it is my call. We were close to the end zone and needed to score as we were down by a few points.

After looking both ways for about 30 seconds (as other people on both teams looked also), I determined I was ever-so-slightly out; so I said "out/turn" and dropped the disk. Several comments from other team about "good call, spirit, etc."

The Captain of the other team picked up the disk as if about to throw it ... and promptly dropped it ... saying "turn" I.e. he intentionally tanked it so we would have the disc back. Everybody understood and respected what he did - classy move on his part ... and I think both of us gained some good karma.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Where might this sign be?

So my wife Wendy went on another one of her amazing company trips and came back with this picture - any guesses on where exactly it might be?!? ;-)

Famous Autograph

So I've been involved in this V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Search Engine Optimizatioon (SEO) contest where people try to rank #1 for that nonsense phrase in Google on May 15th. Winner gets $7,000 ... but if I bring home the bacon, I'll donate it all to celiac disease research since I'd love to see a cure for my kids. The SEO community is ... interesting ... lotta snake oil in this business, plus there is bazillions of dollars at stake as everyone battles for eyeballs. One very informational blog I especially enjoy reading is Philipp Lenssen's Blogoscoped which presents a pretty impartial view of the SEO world that is also technically accurate with a twist of humor. I commented to Philipp how well known (and good) he is in the SEO community and joked that he should Email me his autograph. So he did. This could be worth a lotta $$$ on eBay! ;-)