Sunday, December 18, 2005

26,000 Controllable Christmas Lights

Better late than never to post this, but with help from my visiting parents, I put up 26,000 christmas lights over Thanksgiving - yes, that is 1,000 more than 'ol Clark Griswold! And I have three webcams where you can view the christmas decorations - no, they are not ugly christmas decorations and yes, it's real this year compared to the fun little christmas hoax of previous years. And yes, you can actually turn those 26,000 christmas lights on and off via the Internet ... along with the Santa, Frosty, and Frankenstein (don't ask) inflatables. You can "try" to inflate/deflate the Hulk ... but don't get him angry. Skeptics should read some of the media coverage (they were a bit more diligent this year!) and the christmas FAQ for more info - no christmas trees or leftover ugly halloween costumes or ugly halloween decorations though. Finally, I have some christmas videos including one of yours truly that answers the question "Why do I do this?" And perhaps most importantly, I'm using the christmas lights to raise money for celiac disease. Yes, christmas lights have already raised over $3,000 for the University of Maryland - take that Mr. Scrooge! ;-)