Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dirk's Birthday

While I have passed my 40th birthday, my son Dirk turned 7 today - boy, they are growing fast. In addition to a bowling party with his friends, Wendy and I said we'd make any meal he wanted. Among his favorites that I thought he'd select are Flank Steak, BBQ Ribs or one of my other bbq grill recipes - although he's a bit young for a watermelon martini. But he picked ... McDonalds ... so we're off to the Golden Arches for a Happy meal for the Boys!

Update: In response to the questions about why Dirk picked Micky-D's, his response was "because McDonalds has Happy Meals and since it was my birthday, I got an extra one" - boy, my BBQ recipes can't compete with that! ;-) The bowling party was a lotta fun per the picture below. Kyle's shiner is from a collision with a hammock the day before - goes well with the Hulk shirt! While Dirk was the birthday boy, Kyle was the star at the lanes as he bowled a 100.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A dinosaur ... and my boys - Part 2

So I wrote a month ago about how I saw Craig's Blog entry about a local dinosaur ... and with some assistance from Art Smoot, my Boys were able to see the Triceratops. I happened to have lunch with Art last week, and after thanking him in person for his help, he said he could do one better. He had a large box in his car which contained some (wooden) dinosaur bones that he had uncovered while cleaning out his basement. He wondered if Dirk and Kyle boys would like them - you betcha! It was just a pile of bones (some assembly required with no instructions), but we had recently assembled a balsa wood Stegosaurus. While this was a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, dinosaurs are "put together" in similar ways ... and with a bit of work, we were successful. And did you know that TRex's are the king of the weed whacker's? The Boys are shown measuring the BIG TRex - click here for a large picture.
Thank you Art and Craig!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hulk's Hideway

I wrote a two months ago about a lotta digging and the basement crawl space project is (basically) finally done! I added some wood flooring, covered it with some leftover carpet, and have been moving all the junk from my basement into there such as the halloween decorations and christmas lights. Not surprisingly, The Incredible Hulk is a tight squeeze getting in there because he's ... well ... so big!
Dirk-n-Kyle with their Big Green Buddy