Friday, August 27, 2004

Ride-The-Divide X

I've been associated with a local group named CHAOS (Colorado Hiking And Outdoor Society) for a long time - in fact, I met Wendy there and eventually proposed to her. One annual tradition is RTD ... which is a 30 mile bike ride over Rollins Pass - this used to be used by the railroads, but they now go through the Moffet Tunnel 2,500 feet below us. There are about 50 or so folks that go, and it's quite a lotta fun - people dress up their bikes and bring zany things (I'd love to bring him, but The Incredible Hulk is a bit too big for my bike)- one year, we had ice cream on top - they had a cooler attached to their bike - WOW! The weather can be dicey and we have had lightening and snow. Looking out my 2nd story office window right now, it's solid overcast/rain over there, but the weather is predicted to clear somewhat - lets hope so! Dan Murray organizes this every year and does a GREAT job, so it will be fun regardless.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

First Post

This is a test - gotta go fire up the BBQ Grill for dinner ... more to come ... eventually!