Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A dinosaur ... and my boys - Part 2

So I wrote a month ago about how I saw Craig's Blog entry about a local dinosaur ... and with some assistance from Art Smoot, my Boys were able to see the Triceratops. I happened to have lunch with Art last week, and after thanking him in person for his help, he said he could do one better. He had a large box in his car which contained some (wooden) dinosaur bones that he had uncovered while cleaning out his basement. He wondered if Dirk and Kyle boys would like them - you betcha! It was just a pile of bones (some assembly required with no instructions), but we had recently assembled a balsa wood Stegosaurus. While this was a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, dinosaurs are "put together" in similar ways ... and with a bit of work, we were successful. And did you know that TRex's are the king of the weed whacker's? The Boys are shown measuring the BIG TRex - click here for a large picture.
Thank you Art and Craig!