Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Foxy Neighbors!

As widely reported in the national news, Colorado got a bit of snow this wekend that shut down the roads and the airport for a day. But this 1-2 foot dump of snow was a typical Spring snowstorm, and believe it or not, was basically all gone less than 2 days later as sunny skies and 60° weather followed. For those wildlife fans out there, many animals blend into the surrounding grass,, but with the white snow, they are a bit easier to see. We see foxes periodically go through your backyard, but this time, we noticed a new family of foxes next door playing in the new snow. We have counted at least 7 Kits (including two that are noticeably smaller (younger?) than the other 5) and, as expected, they are most active in the morning and evening hours. Mom and Dad show up periodically, often bringing home some ... uhhhh ... food. The first two pictures were in the morning, but notice how fast the snow has melted 4 hours later.