Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Biggest Martini

Our neighborhood has an annual progressive dinner, which is a ton of fun. 58 people signed up this year, and we start at two houses for appetizers, then 8-10 people per house for dinner (the Bickels did an awesome New Orleans theme for our group), and then a final house for desserts. We hosted the appetizers, and since I have a lot of christmas lights, I was able to spare a few from my basement (since it's off-season ;-) to make a martini glass in the front lawn. For those wondering, it is 14' tall with a 6' base. The top is 10' across and 5' deep (130.9 cubic feet) which means it would be a 1,000 gallon martini! The olive is 18" in diameter and the swizzle stick is 8' long - gotta be the biggest martini ever ... Hulk-sized!

Was a heck of a lot of fun last night and nice to catch up with people we haven't seen for a while, plus meet some new folks. Perhaps not surprising, a number of folks talked to me about my christmas hoax and they hope that I'll continue my christmas spirit. It certainly would be possible to do the internet controlled christmas lights/webcam for real ... although remains to be seen if anyone would believe it! ;-)


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