Friday, November 19, 2004

Halloween Wrapup - Christmas coming up

Been busier than all get out, but Halloween did end a while back. I actually extended the webcam until election day since the Hulk for President was lotta fun. You can read way more than you want to know about it on my halloween decorations page.

And this is all a warmup for my christmas lights which will once again include the christmas webcam - given how popular Halloween was this year, I'm actually a bit worried about Christmas! ;-)

My folks come into town on Thanksgiving so I'm hoping to put them to work - had 22,000 lights in 2002, but only 3,500 for christmas 2003 when I was "burnt out" ... but I hope to go full-bore for christmas 2004 and have even started thinking about christmas 2005! ;-)

I realize one might think that all I think about is christmas lights, but I'm really looking forward to having my folks visit and my boys will really enjoy it.