Monday, September 13, 2004

Party Update

The Hazel Miller party across the street was a ton of fun - you know it's a good party when the cops stop by (twice) ... although this is suburbia, so it was 8'ish or so when they came by. It was actually kinda funny as they said to the host "wait a minute, is THAT Hazel Miller playing in your backyard" to which he replied "Yes it is" and they responded "WOW, she's great" and then he offered to let them stay.

The neighborhood Margarita party was also a big hit - including the coconuts used as drinking cups and the Pink Flamingo lights. BTW, as I was leaving for that party, I turned on my sprinkler system, and unknown to me, I had previously run over a sprinkler head with the mower ... so I had a 20' geyser coming outa my grass - people walking to the party said "you got a problem" ... my kids thought it was hilarious.


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