Saturday, September 18, 2004

BBQ this, BBQ that ...

Continuing our burst of social frenzy, we had two sets of neighbors over at our house this week - their kids are about the same age as ours, and things are getting easier as the kids get older. We played some bridge with the first couple - I've played for years with my folks/siblings, and Wendy recently took some lessons, so this was fun - laying the groundwork for the retirement years! ;-)

So on Sunday we had BBQ Shimp - both sweet and spicey - once again, this was a huge hit. And on Thursday, I made Flank Steak which got compliments too - highly recommend folks give these a shot along with the rest of my bbq recipes - you won't be disappointed!

The neighborhood pool closes after this weekend, so we'll try to get a few more dips in there - Dirk is quite proud that he can swim the width of the pool underwater on one breath ... and Kyle enjoys touching the bottom of the 8' deep end - I give him a bit of push to nudge 'em down. They both enjoy diving for stuff underwater - Kyle especially looks like a duck when he goes under.


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